Beautiful Red Flowers

Violet Galaxy by nookiez

image: violet galaxy by nookiez

Every season has its beauty in the cycle of life, because it is an essential part of the process. There are many stories to tell of this season – stories of firewalking in the teeming warm enough rain on a midsummers night near Callander in the stunning space that is Lendrick Lodge, after which Claire Hewitt told enchanting stories from indigenous tribes by candlelight and shared a song which is everything in it’s simplicity, made me smile, warmed my heart, is particularly good for children and goes like this . . .

The sun comes up

The sun goes down

The world keeps spinning round and round

I love you

And you love me

That’s how simple life can be.

. . . Claire gets as much deep gratitude as do Stephen and Vicky, and all who shared in a fun and fear shattering fiesta of connection and courage (including the arches outing); stories of a dry Glastonbury, a mecca for many and always an excellent reminder of what can be built by commonly focused collective energy; stories of the ‘bard in the botanics’ and a most impressive production of The Merchant of Venice; stories of clearing and de-cluttering and refreshing and transforming and, ultimately, making space for new adventures to come.

There are many songs of the summer including the one that’s got stuck on ‘The Jukebox In My Head’, and isn’t terribly current, though remains a fantastic number, which poses again and again the question – so why do you wanna go and put stars in their eyes ? Answer: because they deserve it, because everyone should have the highest aspirations and know that if the individual good is not inconsistent with the collective good, then their dreams must be realised to truly be themselves, follow their hearts and live.

The random magnetic words on the drawers on the desk say ‘universe’ and ’embrace’ and finally the courgettes stems garnished with bright yellow flowers rotting from the deluges of early summer rain have sprung to life in the sunshine and are bearing fruit, the slightly white variegated pink what I think is a Tree mallow (Lavatera arborea), and is slightly frilly and oh so so pretty, is erupting like a glorious fountain, the redcurrants have been harvested, the tomatoes are ripening, the nights are hot – and summer is here.

Red Hibiscus by rzn

image: Red flower close up by rzn

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