One More Cup of Tea

Self-discipline is a strange creature. Most nights there is serious intent to get to bed by 11pm, enjoy a snuggle in the bliss that is bed with the current riveting and exciting book, and enjoy a final cup of tea. Then to drift off and fall into deep and peaceful slumber and awake refreshed, having had a good eight hours of rejuvenating sleep. As it is, the draw to explore and the muse of inspiration arrive excitedly and the temptation of a final browse and a tweak here and there are too great to resist. Two more cups of tea later there is a whisper from the inner sanctum that says . . . give it up, go to bed.

Things my mother and father taught me and things I believe:

  • Moderation in all things, even moderation very occasionally
  • You don’t lie and you don’t steal
  • Cleanliness and tidiness are next to goodliness, though a little mess doesn’t matter much (as long as you clear it up at some point soon)
  • If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well

Discipline and Self-discipline are interesting subjects of enquiry. Understanding them further for the purposes of extending our capacity for, and quotient of, emotional intelligence is a useful activity. Google self-discipline and, as ever on this wonder that is the worldwide web, there is a wealth and a plethora of information to feast on.

And so, as the time creeps past 1am and lots of the world sleeps, moderation prevails and the time has come for the bliss that is bed and one more cup of tea.

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