Blog Action Day 2009 – Climate Change

My last post entitled ‘Nature’s Rich Bounty’ (see recent posts) was particularly relevant to the topic of this year’s Blog Action Day on Thursday 15 October 2009, and is therefore worth viewing. This is a special post for the occasion.

Spirituality is a concept most people – even the non-religious – have a sense of. There are many ways in which individuals and groups define the concept, my definition is an amalgamation of various definitions I have come across in my life to date and is this: ‘Values that maximize love and kindness, generosity and compassion, ecological and ethical behaviour, that enhance our capacities to respond to other human beings as inherently (and not just instrumentally) valuable, and to respond to the universe with awe, wonder and radical amazement at the grandeur of all that is. It is a true appreciation of the intrinsic interconnectedness of everything. Spiritual needs are those such as needs for conceptual knowledge, self-esteem, education and art: these values are spiritual in the sense that they primarily pertain to consciousness, and contribute to survival by helping reason to function properly.’

When the vast majority of people really get this, the climate will change for the better. Every action counts. We must accept that lots of ‘old’ jobs have to go, they are no longer relevant or helpful. So, change your job, walk more, buy local, grow your own, make your own, wear more jumpers, invest in renewable energy sources for your buildings, spend more time contemplating, reflecting and meditating, recycle, re-use, compost. On Thursday 15 October 2009 do one thing differently that means you use less of the earth’s energy and more of your own – that is the kindest and most deeply spiritual thing you can do.

Written with love – allways.

Heart Hands Earth Green

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