meetome is the helping hand of Mandy Evans Ewing, a service offering life guidance, coaching and consultancy in individual sessions.

Heron still in sparkling water

image: heron by straymuse

meetome is time dedicated to you where I walk with you hand in hand, mind with mind, heart to heart, and one human spirit to another, exploring your personal growth and spiritual development.

You may come to mee with a specific issue that’s bothering you, you may have a vision that you want to materialise, you may come just because you feel a need to learn and grow and explore. Whatever the reason I will help you raise your consciousness, know yourself and the world you live in better, understand the routes to peace and happiness more easily and clarify your path.

To arrange a session you can:

landphone 0141 569 1469

mobilephone 07836 366291

email mandy on email

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