Right Rools !



“Keep your dreams alive the whole of your life, never lose hope, no matter what adversity may beset you. Keep your heart open at all times and keep giving and receiving love and human kindness without end.”

This is what my last post in February said. Today, I take the liberty of saying ‘Hallelujah !’. Whatever it means to you it means ‘Praise Be’ to me. Change is finally coming at last . . . hooray to Bolivia !

Jim says our Linda must have set the ground, I suspect she may have had some definite influence . . .

Go here for a new wave of joy engulfing me: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2011/apr/10/bolivia-enshrines-natural-worlds-rights

Life eternally renews itself in the most adverse of circumstances.

Live long – and prosper 😉

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Mandy Evans Ewing