Humbled and Overjoyed


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I endeavour to put my very best into everything I do in life, sometimes I go quiet because I am struggling with myself and it is better and more important to work on that stuff of mine alone and come back to the world when I have goodness and joy to give. I find high praise deeply humbling and accept it graciously. Many many thanks to Ewan and Arianne, who were married recently at Glasgow University, for this:

“Our celebrant for the day, Mandy went out of her way to help us design exactly the kind of ceremony that suited our style and spirit, and delivered it all with inimitable panache. We have never been more thrilled to live in the modern age than now, when unconventional ideas are not only acceptable, but may be endorsed and executed even by qualified wedding professionals – and she is without question the best there is.”

Demos up and down the country for a fairer system – Take Back Parliament !

I keep this in beacause it fills me with such joy . . .

I love you
For the kindness in your eyes
And the warmth in your voice,
For the honesty of your words
And the silence of your smile;
For the ways in which we’re similar,
And those in which we’re worlds apart.
For the openness of your understanding
And the acceptance of your heart;
For the tenderness of your touch
And the strength of your commitment,
For your sense of humour
And your seriousness of purpose;
For a thousand small reasons,
And one most important of all:
Simply because you are you.
In the human family you are cherished,
Ones with whom I share life:
Its joys, its sorrows, its accomplishments, its challenges,
While we build our dreams together and grow everyday
In the love that makes us one.

If you like the feel of this of this blog/site, please tell others about it so they can feel good too. “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” (Buddha)

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Mandy Evans Ewing