White World

valentine blink blink

image: neosiam

I know people have different feelings about snow, I love it. At last the world outside my window has turned white, and still it keeps coming down. This soft blanket gives me such excitement and peace, feelings I relish and treasure. During a regular and all too brief visit to the wonderful Isle of Mull on Sunday night / Monday, and whilst discussing the official defining statement of World Humanism with the ever delightful S5 and 6’s at Tobermory High School, I was struck by a comment in reponse to the question: ‘what do you think happens if human beings don’t find an effective way to express themselves ?’ Answer: ‘They go mad’. Very perceptive, thought I. I then became enchanted as we did a round robin of how they expressed themselves . . . drawing, singing, dancing, playing the guitar, listening to music – were all amongst the answers.

The snow has inspired me to the expression of writing poetry and tomorrow morning early, when it’s even thicker and deeper I’m going to put on my wellies and go and dance in it !

snow falls, gentle is the night

where in the street light

flake after flake reflects itself against the glow

bright white flecks that dance and land

the sumptuous carpet grand

a thick and deepening pile

beguiling the beauty of it all

one element of nature’s bounty

the winter gift that shouts

get out, get out, get out !

forget your worries and your cares

play with me as if this is all there is

and so with skin a-tingle

mingle with the wet and fluffy crystals

until you know you are a part of something simple and immense

a basic sense

of life in all it’s glory

just now a gentle night-time story

that is still

Sleep well beautiful beings, one and all.

Be well, go well, keep well.

In peace and love allways,



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       Wednesday 22 April