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  • Life Guidance, Coaching and Consultancy Business (14 years): meetome
  • Registered Humanist Society of Scotland Celebrant – since spring 2001.
  • Humanist Chaplain for the University of Glasgow and Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Co-director of Stanmore Social – a local community organisation established to foster good relations, enhance community spirit and increase community cohesion amongst the residents of Stanmore Road and the wider Mount Florida area, facilitate residents in getting to know each other better, having fun and learning new skills from each other, and encourage a happy, healthy and close-knit community.
  • Board member of Urban Roots
  • Co-director of ‘Emerge – The Foundation’ – along with Chris Thomson and Toby Lowe – a Community Interest Company implementing the pioneering ‘Coming of Age Project’
  • Co-founder of The (Scottish) Constitutional Commission
  • Co-founder of The Love Alliance
  • Supporter of Scotland’s For Peace and signee of The Scottish Peace Covenant
  • Social Worker to trade – most recently working with and consulting for West Dunbartonshire Addiction Services on Holistic Care Planning, Groupwork and Client Empowerment Initiatives.
  • Work in the arts, including working with and for: Glasgow Green Festival, Mayfest, Imaginate Festival, Giant Productions, National Galleries of Scotland, Scottish Carnival Arts, The Audience Business, Glastonbury Festival, Indepen-dance.
  • Publications: Understanding, Accepting and Valuing Each Other (Religion and Belief Equality – A Good Practice Guide for the Voluntary Sector as Employers)

    I believe in focusing on common values, and on the universal qualities, abilities and aspirations that unify all human beings regardless of creed or class, and, valuing the unique contribution that each of us makes to this magnificent mandala that is life – because we are one human family.

    “She radiates something . . I’m not sure what . . serenity? . . competence? . . positive vibes anyway.” (Testimonial)

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    1. Mandy radiates pure love and lightness of spirit, she is generous and caring and just a wonderful being, love, love, love, her XXXXX

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