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Starry Nights

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Firework Night has been and gone, nature’s customary annual display of breathtaking and resonating colour at this time of year has gathered and swirled underfoot and soon the midwinter approaches. Last night there was a deep hard frost and tonight an equally cold atmospheric mist hangs around and it is still.

I am in love with life more than ever before. The jukebox in my head had ‘Fly me to the moon’ and ‘Human’ by the Killers on repeat for many days and it made me smile and grin and feel like I am dancing through life every step of the way at the moment.

I have read so much lately about how important it is to look inward and have talked often of how important it is that we human beings get adequate time for reflection and due introspection. Without this how can we assess our behaviour and feelings, determine any corrective or remedial action that is necessary, sense, adapt and respond like conscious beings rather than react like slaves to one of any number of possible mechanisms of less virtuous side of human nature: fear, vengeance, jealousy, greed etc. Then, of course, we have to have, have learned/been taught, or have developed, the skills to do and engage in this contemplative process in the first place. This faculty is that of the capacity for philosophical enquiry. Then there is the skill of meditation, provoking and allowing to settle on us a deep stillness and silence – no thoughts, no feelings, just being, through absolute awareness of breath.

Both are faculties that are very useful to acquire and possess.

As many occasions in many cultures and belief systems take up the symbolic gesture of candle lighting let there be light and warmth and let us reflect on the ways we can help others and shine our light out into the world.

Planet Crash

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Here follows a whole host of ideas, events and adventures I wish to inform and comment on.


The next development weekend at An Tearman is Decemebr 19 -21.  Come along and exchange work around the house and garden for your board. December 19 – 21, the Winter Solstice, we’ll be celebrating this year’s achievements, especially the support we’ve had from all you wonderful people, whether in the form of hard graft or loving encouragement. We hope you will be ready to take a break from your holiday preparations and join us. Fun assured !

Contact Info

Phone: 01700 500554

Email: bute4mo-11at yahoo.co.uk

♥ Obama victory ‘a new era of hope’

Barack Obama has become the 44th president of the United States after an amazing victory, gaining key battlegrounds of Pennsylvania and Ohio. First Minister Alex Salmond has sent a congratulatory message to Obama and an invite to Homecoming 2009, heralding his victory a “new era of hope”.

Wow. 8 years of Bush is finally coming to an end, and a new era of hope is taking its roots in the U.S. Now is the moment we have all been waiting for — so join the celebration by signing a petition to President Obama, congratulating him on winning the election, and reminding him of his promises to bring change.

If you haven’t already you can take action here:



The capacity for forgiveness is a cornerstone in being able to move on in life. The Forgiveness Project caught my attention about eighteen months ago and I have made contact with them with an idea for a co-ordinated tour of Glasgow and environs of their exhibition – The F Word.

The Forgiveness Project Logo

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” Mahatma Gandhi


BODHI Winter RESIDENTIAL – Building Community

12th to 14th December 2008 at Wiston Lodge between Biggar and Lanark

For all Bodhi Supporters, family & friends.  This will be an Open Space Event where the agenda is created by the people who come. There will be workshops on Compassionate Communication for families, as well as an introduction to permaculture. Children are very welcome and creche facilities will be provided.  Places are limited to 30 people so early booking is recommended. As a charity we invite donations based on generosity – we estimate that the average donation needs to be about £100 – sliding scale £80 to £120 for Adults.

Contact Bodhi: info(at)bodhi-eco-project.org.uk

Centre For Confidence Event, Glasgow

Our next event is called Thriving in Turbulent Times and is at Glasgow University Men’s Union, Gibson Street, Glasgow on Tuesday 9th December from 7.30-9.30. Tickets are £10 and available to buy online (subject to £1 credit card charge) or by phoning Anna at the Centre on 0141 221 2626. The main speaker is Nic Marks from the New Economics Foundation who will help us get some current economic issues in perspective. There will be other contributions on exercise, resilience and hope from Professor Nanette Mutrie and Carol Craig and then Professor Phil Hanlon will remind us on the importance of social engagement.
More information is on the website at http://www.centreforconfidence.co.uk/events.php?p=cGlkPTE0NQ

This extract from Chris Thomson’s work calls for ‘systematic work on ourselves’ which is where I started methinks . . .

We read and hear a lot about the history of human evolution – mainly in terms of Darwinism, but sometimes in terms of “creationism” or “intelligent design”. But when was the last time you heard about or thought about the future of human evolution?

Nearly all the discussion about the future focuses on the future of society (will things get better or worse? how will we solve all our problems?) or on the future of technology (how will it change our lives? will it be master or servant?). But there is virtually no discussion about the future of the human being as such. Will we be fatter, taller, faster, or more beautiful? Will we have rudimentary lower limbs because we will sit or drive too much? This is an interesting discussion in its own right, and worth having. However, the discussion I would like to see is about the future of human consciousness because the growth (or otherwise) of our consciousness will determine everything else. It will determine whether things will get better or worse and it will determine whether technology is master or servant.

The whole of our future depends on what we do with our consciousness. The more conscious we become, the brighter the future for humanity and the planet. I am not suggesting that consciousness does not develop of its own accord. It clearly does and our collective consciousness has opened up in some significant respects in the past hundred years or so, as we became much aware of nature, the planet, and the human family. But I believe that there is a strong case to be made for regular systematic work on ourselves, so that we become more conscious. Not only would it give us considerable control over the future of human evolution, it would bring many other benefits too.

When we meet highly conscious people, we are impressed. There is something unusual and compelling about the way they look, the way they speak, and even the way they move. They are economical in their use of words and their use of energy. They seem to be able to get things done without really trying. We have a sense that everything they do and say makes the world a better place. It is reassuring to have them around, because they always know what to do when something goes wrong. We feel good when we are in their company, because they are cheerful and friendly and because they understand us at least as much as we understand ourselves. And, somehow, they seem to have gone beyond adulthood into a higher level childhood. There is no reason why all of us cannot be highly conscious.

Here’s one last quote from Ovid:

“Let your hook be always cast. In the pool where you least expect it, will be fish.”


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Be well, go well, keep well.

In peace and love allways,


Happy Mandy

If you like the feel of this of this blog/site, please tell others about it so they can feel good too. “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” (Buddha)