The Coming of Age Project

Growing up is important and scary and necessary and magic !

The process and pleasure of coming to an age of responsibility is a rite of passage that we believe should be celebrated universally.

The Coming of Age Project is facilitated by ‘Emerge – The Foundation’, a community interest company. ‘Emerge – The Foundation’ has been set up to promote the concept and practice of coming of age to as many children and communities as possible.

The process for 13-16 year olds includes personal development courses and guidance, followed by a test to demonstrate maturity and self-reliance and a tailored ceremony recognised, supported and attended by the community.

The Coming of Age Project is currently focusing on:

  • three pilot initiatives (north east england, north glasgow, a scottish island)
  • facilitating and recording a ceremony for promotional purposes
  • general promotion of the concept

We seek:

  • partners, sponsors and funding
  • two 15 and three quarter year olds (one female, one male) to fast track to a coming of age ceremony and celebration (to be recorded to promote the project)
  • a volunteer project manager/administrator




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