The Love Alliance

The Love Alliance is an alliance of individuals and organisations who believe that all of our actions, policies and institutions must be based on love and inner security.

We believe that all our words, actions and policies must enhance and empower people, society and planet; that everything we think, say and do should make the world a better place and leave people, planet and society better than they were before.

In practice this means finding a healthy balance in all our activities between our material needs and our spiritual needs.

The Love Alliance believes that it is this practice and this balance, as opposed to the endless pursuit of money and material things, that will bring us lasting happiness, individually and collectively.

The Love Alliance has no programme. The World will change from being a fear based world to being a love based world simply because more and more people who believe what we believe are forming alliances.

creative commons licence Chris Thomson and Mandy Evans Ewing 2006 – Present

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