Life Is What You Make It

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On the occasion of the installation of the new Rector of the University of Glasgow on Thursday 10 April 2008 there was an Interfaith Service to mark the event. There were words and well-wishings from Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Sikh and Humanist representatives:

“Greetings to everyone. It is an honour and a joy to be here as Humanist Chaplain to be celebrating, reflecting on and paying due tribute to the auspicious occasion of the installation of Rector. The students want dedication and service, essential qualities in championing a cause and calling forth the best of the human spirit. I believe a most sensible choice has been made. As one human family we need to actively be there for each other, regardless of creed, in order to do that championing and calling forth, and I trust we will all be there for Charles Kennedy, and for each other, in the journey ahead. I believe the world is moving into a new enlightenment, I believe that a centre of education as prestigious, and with such a heritage, as this, will play a major role in leading it. (Pause) In well-wishing I say – may we always know the true value of learning and community, may we support and love one another with open hearts and minds, may we know unity in a common search for the good and the beautiful, we are all one – the adventure has just begun . . . .

These are words of Anne MacLeod:

There will be no end to the joy,
We will stand together as the stars
sweep the Cuillin, rounding the morning,
the bright new morning of the tender heart.
And where we sing, the song will be a fine one
and where we dance, our steps will never fail
to the taps and springs of life, of love and laughter
timeless as stars, the wheeling, circling stars
that dance and sing, and sing and dance again;
and there will be no end
to the joy.”

And as the array of coloured gowns and robes processed into the Bute Hall there was the first of two mellifluous and mirthful magical Harry Potter moments.

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“Openness, sincerity and intelligence of spirit.” (Testimonial)

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  1. Hey, well done! Reads well -how was the live occasion?
    Just listened to your Thought for the World – the podcasts are a great idea. It’s a bit off the Beeb not allowing Humanists. Quite often the contributions to TFTD make no overt ref to religion.

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