Being 18

Huh – what a funny thought ! It was such a long time ago it’s difficult to even get into that space to remember it. What’s that all about ?

It’s all the rage in this house, being 18. Such excitement. Oh joy.

Originally called ‘Writing about writing’ this piece now humbly gains the sub-title of ‘Writing about writing about writing’ . . . distractions of many sorts entered the frame. How much do we focus and forge and steam ahead and how much do we go with the flow ? It’s a fine balance.

Oooh Stretch

There’s a lot of re-focussing going on.

We are dust, microscopic particles of energy in one form or another, and to that we will return. It’s important to be aware of that reality all the time in order to be truly alive.

May you always feel loved on the journey.

‘Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.’ William Shakespeare

At the end of the day there is so much to say – the time for pre-contemplation and contemplation are over, it begins in earnest.

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