Fruitful Days – Community Garden Update

After all the wonderful work of clearing the beds and rubbish over the last month or so, the weekend before last (22/23 November 2014) was our first big planting weekend in the Community Garden. We planted 20 assorted fruit trees, all selected because they are known to grow well in the Glasgow climate (Apple: Allington Pippin, Golden Pippin, Liberty, Love Beauty, Mere de Menage. Pear: Conference, Beth, Doyenne du Comice, Invincible. Plum: Victoria, Marjories Seedling, Opal, Czar, Rivers Early Plum/Damson. Damson: Merryweather, Farleigh. Cherry: Morello, Lapin (cherokee), Colney.) and 300 assorted bulbs (Narcissus, Crocus, Giant Snowdrop, Mini Iris). And so the spring will bring colour, blossom and new life. Big thanks to all who turned out. One of the best stories of the weekend was that Beth randomly chose a tree to plant and when we looked at the label to see which sort and variety it was it was a ‘Beth’ pear tree !

IMAG2131 IMAG2132_BURST002_COVER IMAG2134 IMAG2135 IMAG2136 IMAG2139

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