Spring Showers, Rainbows and Big Big Sunshine

Rainbow Umbrella

image by neza

Here in the Caledonian Lands of the Northern Hemisphere spring teased us in her gradual emergence by interspersing sunny warmer days with fresh snow falls, random bursts of hail and showers of rain and now we have had some big style sunny days and the air is warmer. The planting has begun with red pepper, melon, pumpkin, coriander, basil, lettuce and a host of flower seeds sown, with much more sowing to follow shortly, and the redcurrant and blackcurrant bushes are already in bud. As the season changes I rediscover and re-awaken my passions . . . nurturing a productive garden, sharing links and resources which give you the opportunity to express yourself, learn and grow, and encouraging and inspiring you to use your energy well and take personal, local community and global action to explore and realise the infinite possibilities that are within you.

Wedding season is here with gusto, and, among the many, I conducted a wedding two weeks ago at the grand Mar Hall in Bishopton. The ceremony progressed with the joy, love and deep attention of all tangible and discernible in the air. The happy couple and I stood at the end of the large hall, in all it’s Gothic splendour, in front of the window with breathtaking views across the Clyde to the Kilpatrick Hills, there was sun and the occasional burst of rain outside. The time came to sign the marriage schedule and to my utmost joy a full rainbow was suddenly framed in the window above their heads – what a delight ! With the deed done, the ceremony finished and the celebrations begun there was much ardour amongst the milling to thank me effusively for my efforts and services and I left feeling deeply satisfied with a job well done. My joy was not over yet ! As I journeyed home along the M8 and began to pass the airfields at Glasgow Airport with a big smile on my face, lo and behold, the sky to my left was again filled full of rainbow, this time a double one and to cap of it all the end of it was dancing just inside the passenger door ! Wow ! A treat indeed and a vision that will stay with me forever.

My mission is to boldly go where many wonderful women and pioneering people have gone before – to inspire greater depths, to bring to light new wells of joy and seek out the way in which we can live in peace and harmony and as one, more often than not, happy human family.

Love, light and well-wishings in abundance are yours.


Voluntary Arts Scotland

A wealth of information about News, Funding, Jobs, Volunteering and Events in the arts in Scotland. Sign up to their newsletter for a compact and valuable weekly digest.


A global network of dynamic entrepreneurs.

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers

We had the joy of seeing the Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers in concert at Tramway last November – superb ! Find out more about their performances, workshops and schools outreach work and feel the powerful beat.

Relationships Scotland

A new Scottish Charity created by the merger between Relate Scotland (previously Couple Counselling Scotland) and Family Mediation Scotland. They offer relationship counselling, family mediation, child contact centres and other forms of family support across mainland and island Scotland. Their vision is for: ‘Accessible and appropriately resourced family and relationship support services in every community in Scotland as a right not a privilege’.

Ready to Dance

After seven years of threatening to do so we finally started Ballroom Dancing classes a few weeks ago ! What fun we are having . . come and join us or see what other great classes they have on offer for you to shimmy, shake and glide your way across the dance floor at.

World Development Movement

A UK-based anti-poverty campaigning organisation. We have a worldwide reputation for tackling hard-hitting, controversial issues.

The Hazel Clinic of Hypnotherapy

Moira Love is a powerful and effective therapist who is a full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Transition Scotland

Transition Scotland Support has been set up to help communities who want to use the Transition model get started, and keep going. They’re also there to help Transition communities keep in touch with one another, building a national network, so that people can learn from and support one another.


We end with more thanks to all those made the re-launch of the Faith & Belief Centre at Glasgow Caledonian University such a success on Monday 13 April 2010 and in such the poem, attributed anonymously, which I took the liberty of adapting very slightly, and shared . . .

I love you
For the kindness in your eyes
And the warmth in your voice,
For the honesty of your words
And the silence of your smile;
For the ways in which we’re similar,
And those in which we’re worlds apart.
For the openness of your understanding
And the acceptance of your heart;
For the tenderness of your touch
And the strength of your commitment,
For your sense of humour
And your seriousness of purpose;
For a thousand small reasons,
And one most important of all:
Simply because you are you.
In the human family you are cherished,
Ones with whom I share life:
Its joys, its sorrows, its accomplishments, its challenges,
While we build our dreams together and grow everyday
In the love that makes us one.

If you like the feel of this of this blog/site, please tell others about it so they can feel good too. “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” (Buddha)

For meetome services.

Mandy Evans Ewing